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Attuned therapy services for individuals and couples.


Therapy for Individuals

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There are many areas in which I work with adults, and below are a few specific examples.


Anxiety is both a mental and physical state of negative forecasting. It may manifest as fear or worry, obsessions and compulsions, or panic attacks. Anxiety is unique because it can be triggered by real-world events or it can be generated entirely from within our minds–through thoughts of real or imagined threats. The goal of therapy is not to eliminate anxiety entirely–anxiety plays an essential role in keeping us safe and alive. Rather, therapy aims to keep anxiety at manageable levels, to restore calm, and to provide clients with the tools to regain control whenever worry threatens to overwhelm them.


Depression is not simply the experience of feeling sad. Guilt, anger, irritability, shame, hopelessness, and grief besiege people who struggle with depression. Moreover, depression robs people of their ability to experience pleasure, gratitude, and connectedness–the bases of what makes being human a joyful experience.
Therapy tackles the thinking patterns that precipitate and fuel depression. It helps us see the ways our minds/epigenetics/environments can collude to make us suffer. It can help a depressed person recognize negative thinking and teach techniques for controlling symptoms so they can achieve better life satisfaction.

Parenting Support

There is no manual for good parenting. However, there are some common techniques and methods that have proven to be productive in helping parents manage their children’s behavior and make family time more enjoyable. If you feel stuck, let’s talk and develop a plan for your family to restore peace in your home, and help your child develop skills that will help them thrive.

Domestic Violence

If you are wondering whether you are in a healthy relationship, if you are trying to leave an abusive relationship, or if you have left an abuser therapy may be useful—and sooner is better. Therapy can be helpful because it’s a place where you can improve your self-awareness, clarify your goals and look at the choices in front of you. Therapy sessions for domestic violence survivors provide a safe and confidential environment to express feelings, thoughts and fears.

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Couples Therapy

I use an integrated approach to couples therapy, borrowing techniques from different forms of therapy such as The Gottman Method and Relational Life Theory. In couples therapy I help couples identify how societal/family roles impact the relationship, name destructive patterns, and sort out implicit assumptions that perpetuate conflict. I also strive to identify and celebrate the strengths in a partnership! The skills we build in couples therapy include improving communication, increasing empathy, and restoring the meaning and connection that initially brought two people together.

In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.

— Abraham Maslow

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I am happy to offer online sessions using HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software. If you have any concerns about setting up the app or using the program please ask me for help before your appointment. Many clients find it useful to do a practice-run before their scheduled session to work out any issues with the technology.

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